Getting Started

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Now that you’ve decided to embark on your fitness journey, you’ll need to sign up for your introductory course called “On-Ramp”.

Crossfit is much more than just a boot camp class, it is a dynamic and inclusive fitness program which includes highly technical movements such as Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, gymnastics movements, kettlebells and much more. The technical nature of the program requires a new member to complete up to two hours of introductory sessions prior to attending the regular classes. You’ll achieve several things during the introductory classes including:

– The knowledge and confidence to execute the movements safely and effectively.

– Allows coaches to identify and address individual need and deficiencies.

– Good old fashioned getting to know you.


During the sessions which are typically smaller than regular classes the coach will get to know you personally. Crossfit is more than just an exercise class, it is a community of like minded people who are searching for the highest level of personal achievement. “On-Ramp” classes are held Wednesdays at 7 pm and Saturdays at 10 pm, if these times do not work for you, give us a call and we can schedule another time to get you started!


To get started, call us at 301-922-5494 or sign up below for 1 week of free classes! (Includes On Ramp classes)

Experienced Crossfitters

If you have done Crossfit before, you can skip the On Ramp classes and jump right into our regular Crossfit classes.

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